If you read that title and clicked on this article you probably agree with me! I mean who doesn’t want a massage? When your pregnant though you really do need a one, in fact I’d say you deserve it!

Your body goes through so much change as your little one continues to grow! Hormones cause your ligaments to relax and stretch, your growing belly can make you back and hips ache. Hips that hurt make walking painful, a back that is tight makes your shoulders tight, which makes your neck tight…I think you see my point.

Massage is also about more than just comfort.

Studies show that massage lowers your stress hormones and increases your dopamine and serotonin levels which helps fight against depression. The stimulating of the soft tissues helps your lymph system continue removing toxins from your body. Massage reduces swelling. Doing chiropractic and massage together improve birth outcomes. There are so many benefits!

Things to know…

You can’t lay on your back past 20 weeks! So if your massage therapist tries to have you lay that way say no! Side lying is the most common way to receive a massage while pregnant. There are also tables or pillows that have a drop out for your belly so you may find this comfortable! Find a therapist who does prenatal massage frequently!

Also be aware of what oils are being used! Many essential oils are not safe for topical use during pregnancy!

So there you go! Schedule a massage for yourself today! Exchange massages with you partner for a fun date night. Whatever you got to do to take care of yourself, do it! We have a massage therapist on staff and provide you with two complimentary massages during your pregnancy! Of course you are always welcome to schedule more with us as well!