Birth classes are an important part of pregnancy! So this is a frequent question we get when clients come into our care. Some birth centers will actually require all of their moms to take birth preparation class.

Who Should Take a Birth Class?

While we do not currently require moms to come to a birth class we do strongly encourage it. Especially for a few types of moms….

First time moms! If this is going to be your first baby you absolutely should take a birth class!

First out of Hospital Birth: Even if you are on baby 2, 3 or 6 but this will be your first time giving birth out of a hospital a class is very important for you. This is even more true if you received pain medications with your previous deliveries.

Its Been a Long Time…. Maybe you’ve had a baby out of hospital but then you had a nice long baby break. A birth class is a good refresher to help you get ready again. Not to mention our classes are fun!

Why take a birth class?

If you were getting ready to run a marathon or go on a really strenuous hike you wouldn’t even think of not preparing. Labor is the same thing. It is intense and requires all of your attention and focus. Preparation is key to a successful out of hospital birth. When pain medication is not available you need to know what tools you have and ways to cope. Labor is 90% a mental battle! Every thought you think causes a chemical to be released in your body. If you are in labor and thinking negative thoughts like, “This is the worst pain ever. ,”I can’t do this!”. or “this to hard” you are actually causing your contractions to be more painful and less effective. Where on the other hand if you are thinking thoughts like, “I am strong, safe, and relaxed”, you actually cause your brain to release endorphins that are natural pain relievers.

All of this takes preparation and practice weeks or even months before delivery!

Birth class also help you learn what to expect in labor. What the stages of labor are, how long it takes, what is happening, and how you can help it happen! Knowing what to expect can help relieve some of the fear associated with giving birth and can help you and your partner feel much more prepared.

Can I Bring Someone With Me?

Absolutely! Our birth classes are always fun and interactive and designed for both mom and dad! If you are planning to single parent or your partner is unable to come for whatever reason we still encourage you to come! You are also welcome to bring a mom, friend, sister or whoever you would like that you feel would be helpful to you during the birth.


Preparing for birth is just as important as training for a marathon. Taking a birth class is one of the important steps to take to become ready to bring your baby into the world.