You did! You’re in the last few weeks of pregnancy and waiting to just have your baby.

These can be really hard last few weeks as the excitement builds before you get to see your baby. Remember that you are considered “Term” and safe for an out of hospital birth from 37-42 weeks of pregnancy. That’s a five week window of time!

Going two weeks past your due date is very common and totally normal. However, it can feel very discouraging as your due date gets further and further behind you and you still have a belly in front of you! Having some ideas of ways to make the time pass can make those last few weeks a little more bearable. Here are a few ideas some of our clients have done!

1. Postpartum Meal Prep!

Taking the time to have some home made whole food meals frozen for quick dinners postpartum is a great way to pass the time. You won’t feel much like cooking, your partner may not either and takeout is only so good for so long! Having good freezer meal options that have lots of veggies and quality protein sources can help you reach for good foods when convenience is key. You might even discover a new recipe or two to add to your regular meal rotation.

2. Date Nights:

Whether this is your first or your fourth baby your family is about to change. Finding ways to spend some alone time with your partner before birth is so important. Some people refer to this as a “baby moon”. It give you a chance to reconnect and have quality time before the high needs of a newborn prevents get away time. Get creative and find unique ways to have fun with each other! There’s lots of blogs out there with fun ideas for cheap date nights!

3. Nesting:

If you like a spic and span house now is the time to get that deep cleaning done! Of course don’t over due it or exhaust yourself prior to labor but you want the curtains washed now is the time. People that enjoy organizing may have baby clothes washed and folded according to age range and style. Some people like to spend time decorating a nursery.

4. Get creative:

Are you a crafter? Maybe you’ve been working on a baby quilt, scrapbook, crochet, needle work… All of these are awesome ways to pass time if you enjoy them!

5. Learn a new skill:

How about start some food ferments that will be ready postpartum? Learn one of those crafting skills you always wanted to know? Maybe learn how to make home made bread or get a sourdough starter? Pick an instrument back up you haven’t touched in a while.

6. Enjoy nature

Get outside and enjoy sunshine (if you have it!) go on easy hikes, find a lake or a river to sit next to. Take your kids to the park…. Anything to get some vitamin D and fresh air!


What are you ideas? How did you pass the time waiting for baby? Let us know!