Congratulations you’re pregnant! You may be wondering what to do next to begin taking care of yourself and your baby. Lets start with some of the vitamins you should be taking and why….


One of your first stops may be your local, grocery store for some prenatal vitamins.
You may be overwhelmed with options when you reach that isle not only brands, but forms. Some come in pills, dummies or even liquid. So how do you know which one is best for you?

One of the most important aspects of a prenatal vitamin is folate. This can come in the form of folic acid or methylated folate. Methylated folate is definitely your best choice here as it is the bioavalibe form of folic acid. This means your body will actually be able to absorb and use this vitamin much easier as folic acid is the synthetic (man made form).
A whole foods or organic vitamin will generally be much better quality and therefore more useable by your body.

Pregnancy Tip: Keep your vitamins in the fridge! Especially in the first trimester as this may help reduce nausea caused by the vitamins.

Fish oil/DHA

This omega 3 fatty acid is so important in pregnancy.It helps with baby’s brain development, can reduce allergies in the child, has positive effects on baby visual and nervous system development. It also lowers the risk of preterm birth, preeclampsia, and postpartum depression!


You’re gut biome is so important!!! Having a healthy gut is key to your all around health. Not to mention you are more prone to yeast, UTI and other bacterial imbalances during pregnancy so probiotics can help prevent all of these issues. Probiotics can help prevent the development of Group B strep that is tested for prior to delivery. A healthy gut (and healthy vagina!) are also key to your baby’s immune system development and own gut health.
You can take probiotics orally in form of supplements or you can eat them! Fermented kimchi, sauerkraut, live culture yogurt, and other fermented foods are all full of amazing probiotics! We offer a fermented foods class a few times a year!

Vitamin D

In Alaska we need vitamin D and a lot of it! Most alaskans need at least 5,000iu a day to maintain normal levels. Normal vitamin D levels help fight against depression, can help prevent preterm devilry and infections. Your baby needs vitamin D for normal bone development as they mature in utero. Vitamin D deficiencies have also had a connection to an increased risk of preeclampsia. Since our primary source of D is sun it is difficult for us alaskans to not be low without supplementation. There are a few foods sources as well including egg yolks and salmon. Combining your Vitamin D with K2 is beneficial for absorption as well.