This week I wanted to continue with last weeks theme of Preparing for Labor but today lets talk about visualizations.

These are similar to affirmations but a little more in-depth in the brain training area. Still super simple to do just find a video on youtube with a voice you like and listen to it everyday.

Visualizations further bring your mind to the place of accepting labor. They help you prepare for relaxing through contractions, staying fully loose in between contractions, easing your baby’s head out and so much more. If you are hoping to catch your own baby then this should be included in your visualizations! If you don’t imagine yourself reaching down and cradling your baby’s head as it is born you probably won’t do it. But if you have practiced it in your mind before you won’t even have to think about it. Reaching to welcome your baby will feel like the most natural response to your baby coming.

Birth Visualizations

Here are just a few visualizations available but there are so many more if one of these does not sound good to you! (this one is a prayer)