While I realize that may be a controversial statement I am holding to it!

Placentas are an amazing organ grown for pregnancy that support your baby’s growth and development. The placenta starts developing shortly after conception and the genetic code for the placenta and umbilical cord actually comes from the sperm!

Your placenta does some pretty amazing things here are just a few of them…

Provides Nutrients and Oxygen:

All the nutrients your baby needs are brought by your blood supply to the placenta then exchanged to your baby’s blood. Amazingly this happens without the moms blood and baby’s blood mixing! All the oxygen and nutrients then travel through the umbilical cord to be brought all over baby’s body.

Removes Toxins and Waste:

The waste products that your baby has to get rid of is then exchanged back over the placenta to your blood stream. Those toxins are then removed by your own body.

It’s Acts as Filter:

Your placenta acts as a barrier to help keep harmful substances from getting to your baby. While it doesn’t keep them all out it still is a layer of protection for your little one.

Lets the Good Stuff Through:

You can pass antibodies against disease through your placenta to help provide immune support after delivery! Your baby can also send stem cells to your organs through the placenta if they are injured or stressed.

Secretes Hormones

All of the things above basically show how the placenta functions as a liver, kidneys and lungs for the baby. Because the placenta also responsible for making hormones during the pregnancy it functions as it’s own endocrine system as well.

The placenta is a pretty amazing organ and the only transient organ in our bodies. Meaning once it serves its purpose it expels itself.

If you ask me I think placentas are the coolest organ.. oh yeah and the prettiest!