There are so many words that can be used to describe labor. Some invoke fear into us like painful, hard, long, cold, sterile, bright, uncomfortable, exposed, watched, frightened… These are the kinds of words that are sadly often the first exposure a woman has to the process we call birth. Well meaning friends and family use these kinds of words. Hollywood makes light of birth but yet these are the undercurrent themes we take away.

Labor doesn’t have to be this way.

Labor can be Beautiful.

I propose we can use words like peaceful, intense, empowering, raw, unrestrained, focused,and yes beautiful. 

How do we make labor beautiful?

Watch this amazingly beautiful video of one of our clients in labor. She is working hard, it’s intense, you can hear her moaning through her contractions, swaying her hips in the tub to bring her baby to her. All while dad gently plays a song for her on his guitar. What a beautiful “labor song” they make together.

The most important part is mental preparation but that’s a post for another day. Let today talk about some of the practical things you can do to help encourage relaxation and beauty for your labor.

Setting up our environment in a way that encourages you to feel relaxed and comfortable benefits labor in many ways. Think about things you find in spa that make you feel that deep sense of relaxation.

Low lighting or candles facilitate production of melatonin which encourages labor progress.

Music, maybe its your favorite playlist, the sound of waves washing on the beach or your very own husband serenading you and your baby like in this beautiful video!

Water, massage, movement… All of these things are great coping mechanisms for birth and encourage you to stay in your right brain. Something that is very important for labor.

Lets change the narrative of birth from one of fear to one of empowerment because ladies YOU are beautiful in labor!