All this amazing sunshine we have had lately is making we want to have a barbecue! Which if you are pregnant a nice grilled steak is a great addition to your diet and I’ll tell you why!

Iron is a super important part of pregnancy! By your 28th week of pregnancy your blood volume will have doubled from when you were not pregnant! When you are not pregnant your body needs about 18 mg of iron a day. As a pregnant woman you need around 30 mg a day! All that extra blood needs iron to make red bloods cells and to keep you feeling well. While this is happening your baby is also storing iron in his or her liver to last their whole 1st year of life.

You May be Anemic If…

If you are struggling with anemia (low iron) you probably are feeling tired, weak, or even dizzy. Anemia can also affect your ability to concentrate and leave you short of breath. More seriously anemia increases your risk of postpartum depression, shock at birth due to blood loss, having a low birth weight baby or a child with developmental delays.

What Should I Do?

You can help prevent anemia now by increasing the amount of iron in your diet. Below is a list of foods that have a high iron content that you can incorporate into your daily meals.

Food: Serving Size: Amount of Iron
Red Meats 1 serving of steak 6 mg
Black Strap Molasses 1 tbsp 3.5 mg
Clams (not raw!) 3.5 ounce serving up to 28 mg (Note: iron levels in clams is highly variable)
Spinach 1 cup (cooked) 6 mg
Liver (or other organ meats) 3 oz 15.2 mg
Beans 1 cup (black beans) 5.3 mg
Chickpeas 1 cup 4.7 mg
Pumpkin Seeds 1/4 serving 2 mg
Quinoa 100 grams 1.4 mg
Dark Turkey Meat 1 leg 12.6 mg
Sesame seeds 1 cup 20 mg

Challenge yourself to include some of these foods in your diet every day! We may also recommend to you a Raw Foods Iron supplement if you are still struggling with anemia.

So break out the barbecue and grill some steaks in this gorgeous Alaskan summertime weather!